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Baking Instructions

1. Set dough out at room temperature 4-6 hours before baking.

2. One hour before baking, preheat oven at 550 F (preheat with pizza stone if you have one)

3. Pre-shape dough

· after dough has sat out 4-6 hours, flour all sides

· flour countertop and place dough on surface

· using fingers, press an edge around circumference

4. Stretch dough

· flour a pizza peel (or cookie sheet) and place the pre-shaped dough on peel

· stretch the dough by pulling the edge out, work your way around the circumference

. dough should stretch into a 12-14 inch diameter pie

5. Apply tomato sauce

6. Add cheese and other toppings

7. With oven preheated, slide pizza onto pizza stone or cookie sheet or other baking surface

8. Bake for at least 5 minutes, depending on oven temperature. Bake until crust is golden brown with slight char or "leoparding" on crust. Then take out of oven and place on cooling rack.

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